Blackwoods is the world’s first vintage gin, made with harvested Shetland botanicals; the flavour of our gin subtly varies vintage to vintage as the botanicals harvested reflect the climatic conditions of that year. The inspiration for our 2017 vintage derives from the roaring 1920’s. The design based on the styles of the time captures the energy & effervescence of the golden age, which celebrated gin and defined classic cocktail culture. In order to create great tasting products and perfect our spirits, we have worked closely with our master distiller as well as leading bartenders, ensuring that our latest vintage reflects the trends of the moment in bars around the world. Whilst Blackwoods is a traditional London Dry Gin, we combine a selection of both sweet and floral botanicals from the rugged and enchanting Shetland isles. This enables us to create our perfectly balanced spirit, perfect for cocktails or even drinking neat.


Meadowsweet has delicate, graceful, creamy-white flowers and a very strong, sweet scent that is often described as smelling like honey.


Also referred to as ‘cuy lippe’, ‘key of heaven’, and ‘fairy cups’, Cowslip has vibrant yellow leaves which have a mild, sweet flavour. 

Wild Thyme

Often found growing on hills, banks and riversides, Wild Thyme is a beautiful pink shrub, which produces herbal and delicate lemon aromas


Despite only having a very slight floral aroma, it is perfect for combining with sweeter flavours.